"After the Struggle II" Giclée print on canvas available in multiple sizes. Mixed media.

"I was born with a love of horses!"

I was born with a love of horses! Stables and the outdoors were my playgrounds growing up in Cumberland, MD. After completing my Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) degree in printmaking at East Carolina University (NC), I landed my first job as a book designer in New York City; MacMillan Book Publishing, 1969. Living in New York served as my springboard to the world.

I traveled East, and ultimately, went around the world; Southeast Asia captured my heart and mind as the warmth of the people and their ancient arts and cultures drew me in. For seven years I explored the Indonesian archipelago and the tiny city-state of Singapore. Batik, however, was the thread that wove its way from my travel experiences into my art.

To me, horses represent freedom, friendship, trust, love and respect. I strive to communicate these universal qualities in my artwork. Believing that everybody relates to these qualities on some level, I easily resonate with others who have a similar love of Nature and animals.

Nowadays, my intention as an artist is to keep my art alive daily by playfully exploring mixed media intuitively. When I paint intuitively, I find that the painting process itself becomes a more playful and enjoyable activity. The final piece, then, is often abstract in nature; a reflection of my intuitive mind. As I respond intuitively during each stage of my painting, without a predetermined result in mind, my artwork develops naturally, until it feels complete.

I combine my skills and knowledge of batik, printmaking, digital collage and mixed media to create contemporary works of art. Fueled by my passions for horses, travel, art, and nature, I aim to create daily. Many of my processes are age-old techniques with cultural influences such as batik and printmaking that I now mix with contemporary techniques such as digital collage and mixed media painting. Blurring the boundaries between traditional mediums affords me an endless supply of formulations to explore.

My website invites you to learn about my intuitive approach to art. Thanks for visiting!

Marjorie Claus                 mclaus@cableone.net      928-308-2209