“The Playful Hand: Painting Daily”

“The Playful Hand: Painting Daily,” show

"Dog & Pony" 12" x 12" Mixed Media on Panel
“Dog & Pony” 12″ x 12″ Mixed Media on Panel

features new works by Marjorie Claus and Anne Legge at the Arts Prescott Gallery on Whiskey Row, 134 S. Montezuma St, 928-776-7717, www.artsprescott.com, in downtown Prescott, AZ.

Both of these artists feature work that has been created with an emphasis on their commitment to painting daily. Anne Legge, primarily a mixed media wood artist, focuses on a wide variety of materials and techniques that are outside her usual way of working. Marjorie Claus features works where the process of painting intuitively is her emphasis.

The show runs through October 26, 2016.


Author: marjorie

Marjorie was born with a love of horses.

2 thoughts on ““The Playful Hand: Painting Daily””

  1. Marjorie, you’ve taught me so much about art in general and sketchbooking daily has opened a new door to playing with art and not just studying art. Thank you, Marjorie. Keep teaching!

    1. Thanks, Marty, for your comment. I’m happy to hear you are enjoying the playful aspects of your art! When we engage daily in some form of creativity, our ability to not take our art so seriously kicks in, and that is when we are likely to have more fun with our projects, while, quite frankly, they’ll probably turn out better as a result!

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